FlyLady…I really love you.

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Let me just start by saying The Flylady has changed my life – FOREVER. This June Cleaver is serious.

I discovered The Flylady through someone’s blog, and I was skeptical at first.  The program revolves around cleaning and learning to declutter your home- zone by zone.  I thought I would view it as a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ type of program, and get bored in a couple weeks, but I’m still hooked!  Part of the website that really spoke to me was ‘Are you living in C.H.A.O.S?’  (Can’t have anyone over syndrome).  A light bulb went off in my head and I said yes yes!  Not that you’ll see hubs & I on the next Hoarders… but imagine not caring who walked into your home, or entertaining people on short notice?

I mean how often have you been in someone’s home when they’ve said ” Oh please excuse the mess”.  I’m guilty of this.  No more excuses for me – full steam ahead.  How many times before I learn my lesson about leaving my bras on the drying rack when my father-in-law is making a visit?  Please don’t misunderstand – our house is not spotless 24/7, but this has helped tremendously.

The FlyLady program is easy to follow, and once you gain some momentum you’ll be sad you didn’t discover her much earlier.  To be honest my friends are probably tired of hearing about her.  Jenn and Danell?  I can guarantee June Cleaver would have been all over this program.





An adventure in sewing.

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Soon after I started this blog last year I had lunch with my old boss, who is absolute dear.  She’s the kind of friend who no matter how much time has passed between your conversations, you pick everything up like it was yesterday.  I love these types of friends.  The point being, she was super exited about her new sewing machine.  In fact I hope she’s sewing all kinds of goodies by now.  Her mom is a pro at sewing, and was offering her expertise.

It made me think…I could get a sewing machine and just teach myself through YouTube videos and the trusty manual.  Well that might work for most new age June Cleavers but the only thing I remembered sewing was a pig pillow in 8th grade – by hand.  Off to Target I went for a Singer sewing machine.  I figured June would approve of this brand.  Through moans and groans on the first night I was able to have TA-DA!  a bobbin full of thread.  Sad I know.  The next night I practiced on some scrap material and was well on my way.  I found this blog and was inspired – www.newdressaday.   Since then a Goodwill polka dot full length skirt has been reborn a fabulous mini.  I’m still on the hunt for great Goodwill finds to practice with.  Now onto my project I’m most proud of…. outdoor chair cushions!

Starting out … I’m nervous.  The ‘weather resistant’ material was expensive!

   My beauty, on a antique table no less…

Making progress.

Ready to stuff.

SUCCESS!  Even enough material to make pillows.

So thank you, Elizabeth, for sparking my interest in a sewing machine.  I hope you’ve accomplished some projects as well!  In my next blog I can’t wait to introduce you all to the FLYLADY.

In honor of Barbara…

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…I’m bringing back my blog, JustCallMeJuneCleaver.  I can’t think of a better time to do so.  Barbara passed away at the age of 94; what an amazing life she must have had!  An article I read said, even though she was typecast by ‘June Cleaver’, she had nothing but found memories.  She also turned down scripts that made fun of the character she had grown to love, and played so well.  So a million thank you’s, Barbara Billingsley, for introducing me to June.  I’m forever grateful.  RIP