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Baking and Aprons

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I’ve watched a couple more episodes of Leave it to Beaver, and June is really something.  She’s always in the kitchen preparing something fabulous.  I’ve never seen the Cleaver family at dinner without dessert!  Oh the life.  My tip today for harnessing your inner ‘June’ is two fold — baking and aprons.  Let me just say I LOVE APRONS.  I have 4, and one just for Christmas time…the problem is I hardly ever wear them.  I just admire them hanging in the closet as I throw something away, or grab the broom.  So I’ve made a promise to myself to wear an apron everyday.   If you don’t have an apron take a look at this Indianapolis based company, CutieCooks, and their adorable aprons!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/cutiecooks

Here’s my fav apron, a wonderful wedding gift:

Now to baking…and from scratch.  I think new brides don’t bake enough.  We have pre-made cookie dough and ‘no bake’ desserts.  It makes our lives so easy, but baking is a lost art!  The goal of daily baking seems a little much, so I’m committing to once a week.  This week I made banana bread.  I googled ‘easy banana bread’ and voila!  Over 10 million results!   All June has is her latest edition of the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook.  So yesterday I put on my apron, and tackled banana bread.  Delish!   One more difference between June and I – I was following the recipe off the screen of my MacBook Pro.


When in doubt, make Kool-Aid

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How to be a 1950s housewife in the 21st Century

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Is it possible?  Probably not because so many things are different today.  Women work, marriages fail, and kids don’t always behave.  Having just discovered the show Leave it to Beaver, I’m loving the 1950’s!  I want to add little touches of June Cleaver, and this era, to my life.  Granted I have a full-time job and won’t be a true housewife, but one can dream.  Thanks again Ball State for my degree… I hope to one day stay home with my babies.  I do love my job, and I’m happy to say that I make as much as my ‘Ward’.  Maybe staying at home will never be for me, but it sure looks fun.  Just call me June Cleaver.

Before doing any research, here’s an easy tip to add a little bit of ‘June’…pack dear husband’s lunch everyday.  While he may think it’s really sweet, and co-workers will be jealous, you’re really saving money on your budget.  You can pack a healthy lunch for much less than today’s drive through disasters.  Add a multi-vitamin for good measure.