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FlyLady…I really love you.

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Let me just start by saying The Flylady has changed my life – FOREVER. This June Cleaver is serious.

I discovered The Flylady through someone’s blog, and I was skeptical at first.  The program revolves around cleaning and learning to declutter your home- zone by zone.  I thought I would view it as a ‘New Year’s Resolution’ type of program, and get bored in a couple weeks, but I’m still hooked!  Part of the website that really spoke to me was ‘Are you living in C.H.A.O.S?’  (Can’t have anyone over syndrome).  A light bulb went off in my head and I said yes yes!  Not that you’ll see hubs & I on the next Hoarders… but imagine not caring who walked into your home, or entertaining people on short notice?

I mean how often have you been in someone’s home when they’ve said ” Oh please excuse the mess”.  I’m guilty of this.  No more excuses for me – full steam ahead.  How many times before I learn my lesson about leaving my bras on the drying rack when my father-in-law is making a visit?  Please don’t misunderstand – our house is not spotless 24/7, but this has helped tremendously.

The FlyLady program is easy to follow, and once you gain some momentum you’ll be sad you didn’t discover her much earlier.  To be honest my friends are probably tired of hearing about her.  Jenn and Danell?  I can guarantee June Cleaver would have been all over this program.





An adventure in sewing.

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Soon after I started this blog last year I had lunch with my old boss, who is absolute dear.  She’s the kind of friend who no matter how much time has passed between your conversations, you pick everything up like it was yesterday.  I love these types of friends.  The point being, she was super exited about her new sewing machine.  In fact I hope she’s sewing all kinds of goodies by now.  Her mom is a pro at sewing, and was offering her expertise.

It made me think…I could get a sewing machine and just teach myself through YouTube videos and the trusty manual.  Well that might work for most new age June Cleavers but the only thing I remembered sewing was a pig pillow in 8th grade – by hand.  Off to Target I went for a Singer sewing machine.  I figured June would approve of this brand.  Through moans and groans on the first night I was able to have TA-DA!  a bobbin full of thread.  Sad I know.  The next night I practiced on some scrap material and was well on my way.  I found this blog and was inspired – www.newdressaday.   Since then a Goodwill polka dot full length skirt has been reborn a fabulous mini.  I’m still on the hunt for great Goodwill finds to practice with.  Now onto my project I’m most proud of…. outdoor chair cushions!

Starting out … I’m nervous.  The ‘weather resistant’ material was expensive!

   My beauty, on a antique table no less…

Making progress.

Ready to stuff.

SUCCESS!  Even enough material to make pillows.

So thank you, Elizabeth, for sparking my interest in a sewing machine.  I hope you’ve accomplished some projects as well!  In my next blog I can’t wait to introduce you all to the FLYLADY.

In honor of Barbara…

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…I’m bringing back my blog, JustCallMeJuneCleaver.  I can’t think of a better time to do so.  Barbara passed away at the age of 94; what an amazing life she must have had!  An article I read said, even though she was typecast by ‘June Cleaver’, she had nothing but found memories.  She also turned down scripts that made fun of the character she had grown to love, and played so well.  So a million thank you’s, Barbara Billingsley, for introducing me to June.  I’m forever grateful.  RIP

A mess is a mess…

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I’ve been slacking on my blog after what I like to refer to as, ‘The Unfortunate Incident’,  happened.   I didn’t expect anyone outside of friends and family on Facebook to read my blog, let alone for it to be referred to in an article on http://www.jezebel.com.  I guess it wasn’t totally negative, but they weren’t singing my blog’s praises either.  I was more appalled by the comments people left.  I do want to point out that I tried to comment, and Jezebel decided not to post it.  Nice.  Couldn’t even let little ‘June’ defend herself? I did enjoy checking my blog stats to see how many views I had.

Now on to being more like June… but goodness not too much because we are all strong independent working women!  (Ok, I’m letting it go now)  It seems in June’s house everything had its place.   Whether it was in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc.  I decided that my next tip would be to organize!  And I don’t mean the whole house in one weekend.  I picked out the place that bugged me the most – kitchen pantry.  I have a huge pantry that has been a hot mess since about the second week of living in our house.  Dear husband and I just threw anything food related in there.  I was embarrassed for other people to open the doors!  I wanted to take everything out, check for expired dates, and group the items together with labels.  Dear Husband took it one step further and laminated the labels!  I got so excited I’m wondering what else I can label and laminate.  Don’t the small things make you realize how much you love your ‘Ward’?  Organizing the kitchen pantry gave me so much satisfaction that I will eventually do all closets.  If you’re going through a clothes closet clean out the clutter and donate.  Don’t forget to write it off at tax time.  Enjoy organizing! 


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I’ve decided cleaning is the hardest thing a 1950’s housewife, or any housewife for that matter, has to do.  How did Joan keep everything so sparkling on Leave it to Beaver? She didn’t I know, it’s a TV set, but play along with me. 

I really have to be in the mood for cleaning, but I feel I do a pretty good job.  Sometimes it’s the objects in the room that keeps me from cleaning it.  For example, dear husband and I use to have a ‘hodge-podge’ master bedroom – college furniture, ugly sheets, white walls.  We upgraded with a new bedroom suite, nice bed sheets/bedspread, chocolate-colored walls, curtains, and a new flat screen.  I love to clean this room now, and it’s a retreat for us.  I think I just knew that all the cleaning in the world would not make me love the old ‘hodge-podge’ room.

My first tip is to clean something 1950’s style.  When was the last time you scrubbed a floor – yellow gloves, hands & knees style?  What about washing baseboards, cleaning windows, and other crazy things like that?  We’ve got it so easy with our vast chemical products and Swiffer WetJets.  ‘Spring cleaning’ didn’t just happen in spring for 1950’s housewives!  Try buying a 1950’s tool for cleaning like the dust mop.  I love mine for our hardwood floors. 

My second tip for cleaning is make your own supplies.  I’ve been wanting to make my own laundry soap for a while now.  I’ve googled a couple of recipes, and watched the Duggars (my reality show guilty pleasure, 19 Kids & Counting) make it.  Here’s the recipe I’m using, it’s for a powder soap:

1 bar of shaved bar soap (I used Ivory)

1/2 cup of Borax (I had to go to three stores to find this – Meijer & WalMart were out, Target had it)

1/2 cup of Washing Soda (I used Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda)

Thoroughly stir together for 5 minutes and enjoy the results.  Use 2 TBSP per load.

Enjoy living a little bit more like June, and a little cleaner too!

Baking and Aprons

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I’ve watched a couple more episodes of Leave it to Beaver, and June is really something.  She’s always in the kitchen preparing something fabulous.  I’ve never seen the Cleaver family at dinner without dessert!  Oh the life.  My tip today for harnessing your inner ‘June’ is two fold — baking and aprons.  Let me just say I LOVE APRONS.  I have 4, and one just for Christmas time…the problem is I hardly ever wear them.  I just admire them hanging in the closet as I throw something away, or grab the broom.  So I’ve made a promise to myself to wear an apron everyday.   If you don’t have an apron take a look at this Indianapolis based company, CutieCooks, and their adorable aprons!  http://www.etsy.com/shop/cutiecooks

Here’s my fav apron, a wonderful wedding gift:

Now to baking…and from scratch.  I think new brides don’t bake enough.  We have pre-made cookie dough and ‘no bake’ desserts.  It makes our lives so easy, but baking is a lost art!  The goal of daily baking seems a little much, so I’m committing to once a week.  This week I made banana bread.  I googled ‘easy banana bread’ and voila!  Over 10 million results!   All June has is her latest edition of the Better Homes & Gardens Cookbook.  So yesterday I put on my apron, and tackled banana bread.  Delish!   One more difference between June and I – I was following the recipe off the screen of my MacBook Pro.

When in doubt, make Kool-Aid

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How to be a 1950s housewife in the 21st Century

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Is it possible?  Probably not because so many things are different today.  Women work, marriages fail, and kids don’t always behave.  Having just discovered the show Leave it to Beaver, I’m loving the 1950’s!  I want to add little touches of June Cleaver, and this era, to my life.  Granted I have a full-time job and won’t be a true housewife, but one can dream.  Thanks again Ball State for my degree… I hope to one day stay home with my babies.  I do love my job, and I’m happy to say that I make as much as my ‘Ward’.  Maybe staying at home will never be for me, but it sure looks fun.  Just call me June Cleaver.

Before doing any research, here’s an easy tip to add a little bit of ‘June’…pack dear husband’s lunch everyday.  While he may think it’s really sweet, and co-workers will be jealous, you’re really saving money on your budget.  You can pack a healthy lunch for much less than today’s drive through disasters.  Add a multi-vitamin for good measure.